Is it possible to Have Your Cake and eat it too?

Whilst having drinks with a decent buddy the other evening, she requested myself this question-“are you able to casually day while looking for anything major?”

Meaning-can i’ve my personal dessert and consume it also? Could I get it ALL?She said the girl grasp plan-she would divide up the woman time passed between “fun” times, plus major dates.  If she had an itch, she would definitely have it scratched, but nevertheless hold herself prepared for a permanent commitment.

We told her it was a bad idea. Why?

Whenever she is scheduling a couple of relaxed dates on Wednesday and Saturday nights, between the woman task, her buddies, her existence, whenever precisely would she have time to get to know dudes that are enthusiastic about anything serious…she won’t.  It is not only time-consuming, its complicated on her center.  To help the woman as of yet two distinct guys, she would have to be two different sorts of females to please them.whenever planning for a night out together, she’d need to remember what part to try out, instead of just getting the woman fabulous home.

Rather than wanting to do both, I informed her to possess it.  Bought it if she does not want any such thing severe, or purchased it if she really does, but do not make an effort to have it all. It had been essential for the woman to establish what she undoubtedly wishes at this time, and pursue it…one means or even the some other.

You’ll want to accept where you are in life, and then be here 100per cent. For a number of folks, informal relationship is actually a stage of life, perhaps not a location.  Perhaps you’ve just ended a life threatening relationship, or have a rather hectic working arrangements it doesn’t enable time for something future, you nevertheless want some love and company. Do not make an effort to push your self into thinking a serious commitment is exactly what you “should” do because community thinks so-give society the middle hand, and carry out what’s best for your needs!

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