registration !

Prepare yourself ready for KPTC Trail 2017 registration tomorrow….

Be member of House of Ticket (HOT) by registering at in advance…. from now on…

(If you had account from SAMSUNG 10K Championship application, you may skip this step)
Apply your preferred race :
* Wed 22 12:00 noon. (2 km. kid trail, 3 km. Fun run/walk, 10 km trail)
* Thu 23 12:00 noon. (21 km. or 32 km.)

Runners may apply only one race of the same day, but can apply for 2 races of both Sat and Sun.

You can apply for 4 more friends

You can also purchase our exclusive merchandises (T-shirt, Polo, buff, arm sleeves, visor, cap) or reserve camping tent (4 persons) or mobile home (4 person) during registration process.

You have various choices of payment method, credit card, service counters, ATM, internet, mobile banking, bank teller.

All payment must be made within 48 hrs.

You’ll receive confirmation e-mail from us.


Information needed for applying for friends:

1. ID Card No or Passport No
2. Name Prefix (Mr. Mrs. Miss)
3. Name / Surname
4. Thai Name / Surname (Optional)
5. Date of birth
6. e-mail
7. Nationality
8. Health condition
9. Blood group
10. Emergency Contact Person / Telephone
11. T-shirt Size
12. Merchandise to purchase